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Homemade Parfait by Japanese Patisserie Chicco Cafe

Mango Parfait
Mango Parfait
Very Berry Parfait
Very Berry Parfait
Cheesecake Parfait
Cheesecake Parfait
Anmitsu Parfait
Anmitsu Parfait
Chocolate Parfait
Chocolate Parfait

If you are looking for a place to satisfy your sweet cravings, one of a handful of Vancouver's parfait specialty cafe ? Chicco Cafe is the place you should definitely visit. Nestled on the exciting Robson Street, Chicco Cafe serves homemade dessert and parfait by experienced Japanese patisseries. Take a break from shopping or relax after a meal with a delicious dessert. You could swing by and enjoy real Japanese parfait which is second to none!

Perfect Sweets, That's Parfait!

Before anything, let's provide a brief understanding of parfait first. Parfait, originally started in France, literally means "perfect". As the original meaning suggests, parfait is topped with ice cream, whip cream and lush fruits, making it a "perfect" dessert! Chicco Cafe's parfait menu contains 8 special creations. For those who cannot decide which one to choose, let me explain and describe a few of the parfait's secrets.

Summer Pop Up! Mango Parfait

Introducing the Mango Parfait, the perfect choice for summer's seasonal dessert. Mango sorbet gives off a refreshing flavour accompanied with ripe mango sweetness. Meanwhile Mango Mousse adds a smooth and rich flavor. What makes Chicco Cafe's Mango Parfait different from others is that Chicco Cafe's parfait is perfectly married with strawberries, strawberry jelly, sauce and macaroons give a delicately sour accent for the mangos.

For a Berry Lover: The Very Berry Parfait

Another favorite is the Very Berry Parfait. The generous portions of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries will definitely make you happy. In addition to these, you will dig up raspberry sorbetto inside which will melt deliciously in your mouth. This is a recommended must try!

Luxury Cheesecake Parfait

The Cheesecake Parfait is also a recommended favorite. This visual presentation of this parfait is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. The fluffy cheesecake covered with red strawberry sauce and topped with orange sticks and sweet pink macaroon tastes as delicious as it looks! The rum raisin gelato also gives off fragrant and rich flavours, working well together with the other ingredients.

Real Japanese Taste: Anmitsu Parfait

This Japanese patisserie is proud to offer an authentic Japanese flavor parfait. Have you ever heard of Anmitsu? Anmitsu, which is originally created by a traditional Japanese sweets shop owner back in 1894 is served with sweet azuki bean paste or anko, shiratama dango and agar jelly topped with a drizzle of sweet black syrup. The green tea gelato and azuki bean paste are blended together amazingly. If you have never tasted Anmitsu flavor, just give this a try!

Taste their Entire Extensive List!

Besides the parfaits listed above, Chicco Cafe also provides Chocolate parfait, Green Tea Parfait, Tiramisu Parfait and Black Sesame Parfait. If you feel like snacking on a tasty parfait, Chicco Cafe is definitely the place to try. Come by and treat yourself to the homemade delectable parfait!

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Chicco Coffee & Dessert Bar
【Location】1504 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC   Map
【TEL】 604-633-1286
【Business Hours】Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm-9:00pm

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