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The Leading-Edge Nano Mist Perm from Japan! @Alpha D Hair Salon


Alpha D Hair Salon, a new Japanese hair salon that is grand opening on December 1st, has brought the newest Nano Mist Perm to Vancouver, a technique which is now popular and widely used in Japan. Let us explore this amazing perm technique!

Uniqueness of Nano Mist Perm

Nano Mist Perm is a technique that uses the least amount of chemicals to protect your hair from damaging elements, yet it is still able to create the best curl that you want. Since the damage on your hair by perming chemicals is kept at the lowest level, Nano Mist Perm is able to create the most natural and soft curl style. This technique is best suited for people with hair that's hard to keep their perm because of sensitivity, or for people who just want the natural looking perm but don't want to damage their hair. By heating and adding more pressure to water vapours compared to traditional methods, it creates superheating water vapour that can infiltrate into the smallest cuticles.

What is Nano-Mist?

There are layers of hard cuticles on the outside of your hair which perm, colour, or straight perm chemicals cannot get through to the small spaces between the cuticles unless the spaces are broadened, which will potentially damage your hair. This is why Nano-Mist is getting so much attention right now worldwide, because they can enter these micro areas between the cuticles without broadening the spaces.

Nano-Mist is created by a group of ultra-structural water drops that are about 10-15mm, which includes many water molecules. These drops of water are smaller than the pores in your skin, and this is why they are able to penetrate into the layers of horn in your hair and your skin to bring out the maximum moisture. This leads to not only keeping your hair and skin healthy but also to treat your atopic dermatitis or aging of skin. The most important reason why this technique is healthy for your hair is because it relies on the power of natural water, not chemicals, which is a breakthrough in the hair salon industry, it is what all hair salons have wanted and dreamed about.

Alpha D Hair Salon is the first hair salon to introduce Nano Mist Perm to Vancouver, contributing to solve sufferings about hair problems caused by the Raincouver weather. If you want to stay stylish this Winter but still want to keep your hair healthy, you must pay a visit to Alpha D Hair Salon. They are conveniently located just around the corner from Vancouver Public Library at Robson and Homer Street. Supportive and friendly Japanese hair stylists will be waiting for you to solve your hair problems together!

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Alpha D Hair Salon
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