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Must-Try Tasty Taiwanese Cuisine with a Twist

Being a foodie himself and loving to cook at a young age, the owner of Sunway Restaurant always knew that he was destined to open his own restaurant one day. Hence, he opened Sunway Restaurant in 2009 across from Parker Place in Richmond. Little did he know that would become a popular restaurant known for tasty Taiwanese-style dishes and breakfast.

The meaning of Sunway in Chinese means three flavors; colour, smell, and taste. The owner wanted to bring these flavours to Richmond with a western twist to cater to westerners' taste buds. So at Sunway, you'll never have to worry about MSG in the food or chemicals to soften meat, just good high quality ingredients sourced from local providers.

Sunway Restaurant is also unique in that it is open early from 8:30am on Wednesday to Fridays to serve Taiwanese-style breakfast. It offers special breakfast dishes like steamed pork bun made with deep-fried silk thread rolls, Taiwanese style salted soy milk, and chicken sesame cold noodles. Are you drooling already for some tasty breakfast? Sunway is also known for its specialty three-spice popcorn chicken and Bento box delivery lunches. The popcorn chicken is different than other restaurants because it has less of the fried coating and more tender chicken. Sunway also prepares and arranges Bento box lunch deliveries to local schools.

With high standards for Taiwanese and western food and fast service, Sunway Restaurant is a perfect spot for hungry students or those who love eating popcorn chicken and Taiwanese breakfast. So stop by to get their must-try popcorn chicken and sip on some of their fresh fruit juices, and don't forget they open early on Wednesdays to Fridays!

Writer: M Poh

Sunway Restaurant

【Location】Unit #1330- 4540 Number 3 Rd. Richmond Map
【Business Hours】
Sun-Thurs 11:30am-10pm
Fri & Sat 11:30am-11:00pm
Breakfast is served on Wednesday to Friday from 8:30am
Closed on Tuesdays

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