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Find Unity and Get Inked on The Drive

You might have seen the little tattoo shop on the corner of Nanaimo and 1st Avenue in Vancouver, called Unity Tattoo. The Vancouver tattoo studio and street shop has since relocated to a much more accessible and hip spot on Commercial Drive. Since November of last year, the owner of Unity Tattoo has been loving its new location on the Drive and hopes to service a larger, more diverse, clientele base with his two talented tattoo artists.

It all started 3 years ago when Unity Tattoo's Taiwanese-native owner, opened his first tattoo shop in Vancouver with his friend, and Ryan and Ailiy who are all tattoo artists. Since then, Unity Tattoo has been supporting its clients to creatively express themselves in providing them with customized and free- hand tattoos.

Commercial Drive, aka, "The Drive", is ranked one of the 10 hippest neighborhoods in North America because it is a unique destination for eclectic shops, street buskers, heritage homes, and ethnic cafes. Unity Tattoo in a sense contrasts the busyness and colors of The Drive, by having a clean, minimalistic shop interior with white walls and black furniture. The shop also steps out of the norm of some traditional "Taxidermy" tattoo shops that often-times have taxidermy animals mounted on cluttered walls. The white walls in Unity, however, feature some of Ryan and Ailiy's latest and greatest designs.

Ryan is a skilled tattoo artist who has over 16 years of experience doing what he loves the most. He uses contrast, depth, and realism to bring his creations to life on your skin. Ailiy is a gifted artist who uses vibrant colors that will make your one of a kind tattoo stand out in the crowd. These two are your go-to artists for customized collages to fantasy characters and nerd culture icons.

If it is your first time at Unity, it's recommended that you bring a printout, artwork, or rough idea of what you want your tattoo to look like. The tattoo artists also use the latest design software to help them create a customized design for you, so that the consultation and design process is the most efficient and design changes can be made on the fly.

In addition to giving you the coolest ink on The Drive, Unity also has upcoming guest spot artists and art shows of work from other artists. So take a visit to the shop and keep an eye for upcoming theme features as well, such as Halloween themes and Asian themes. You can also see Unity Tattoo at the Vancouver Fan Expo in April and in the mean time, browse their gallery online on their website or Facebook page.

Writer : M Poh

Unity Tattoo

【Location】1395 Commercial Drive Map
【Tel】(604) 369-3691
【Business Hours】Open Monday to Sunday - 11:00pm to 6:00pm

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