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In eleven years of teaching my course to more than 6,500 students, no one has ever asked for a refund. Read some of their testimonials by clicking here.
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Extreme Canadian makeover — The sound barrier

Or, if your native tongue is English and you have a desire to improve the way you speak in business, professional and personal settings, my system can help you achieve dramatic results quickly.

My teaching background combined with my years of involvement in the film industry in both the United States and Canada has enabled me to help executives, actors, academics, professionals and a wide range of other individuals to gain the confidence they need to communicate more effectively.

I have developed a technique (The "K" Method) that has been proven to deliver significant results within a 2 1/2 hour period for students with any kind of accent (Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese,European, Spanish, Thai, etc).


In FIVE EASY STEPS you will be on your way to achieving your goal. You will have

Andy Krieger developed his method while teaching actors in Vancouver Canada how to speak “American” in order to gain work in American films shooting in the local area.

He noticed that one of his foreign-speaking actors began to LOSE his ACCENT while learning to ‘speak American.’ As time passed he then noticed that the actors became MORE EFFECTIVE SPEAKERS.

Success came to all because of his easy and fun FIVE STEP METHOD.

As a foreign speaker or native English speaker we all tend to speak somewhat or very fast. Your accent remains because of that speed of speech. It is difficult to be an effective speaker, initially, if you speak too fast.

About Andy

Andy Krieger was born in and raised in San Francisco but has spent most of his life in Vancouver, BC. That's why he speaks with an ‘American accent,’ the basis of his K- Method accent reduction process.

After graduating from Stanford University, he joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years teaching in Ethiopia. Andy obtained his teaching certificate in BC and for 10 years, he taught elementary and high school students in the lower mainland of B.C..

He has also worked in Los Angeles for Warner Bros. and for Central Casting as an extra- casting director, hiring extras for CHEERS, M.A.S.H., PRETTY WOMAN, ROCKY IV, STARGATE: THE NEXT GENERATION and scores of other movies, TV shows, and commercials.

In 1997, while working for the local actor’s union, he was asked by a U.S. film producer to help some Canadian actors with their speaking techniques. That's how he developed the K Method language delivery system that teaches students the right tongue and lip positions to pronounce each word without an accent.

Andy has developed a strong reputation as a teacher who makes students feel very comfortable and confident in the learning process.

Speaking effectively

If your first language is English and you have a strong desire to become a more skilled communicator, we can help you achieve dramatic results in a very short time. Our language delivery system allows you to be more effective in the way you come across to people in business and in personal settings. Regardless of whether you are giving a presentation, delivering a speech or just having a conversation, you will gain more confidence and be more assured that people are paying attention to what you say and how you say it.

The testimonials below from students in a previous class attest to the course's effectiveness:

Comments from Speaking Effectively Class - Saturday Nov. 4, 2006 Winston Churchill S.S. – Vancouver School Board Continuing Education
"Excellent, well organized course. Very useful in speaking more effectively. I have learned so much from this course that I know it’ll help me in all aspects of my life. A lot of positive feedback from Andy as he works with each student. Lots of fun & participation in this workshop. I feel a lot more confident already in being able to speak in front of an audience. I am so glad to have met Andy who is able to correct me and thus have improved my speaking ability. I feel ready to command a room!”
"Andy put one hundred and ten percent effort in teaching this course. His passion for teaching combines with his years of experience combine to produce a superior experience for his students. Personally, I know I have benefited from taking this one day workshop and would be interested in taking courses in the future from Andy."
“I’d be interested in the expansion of this class to practice (hands on practice). If not I’d be interested in private lessons.”
“Thanks for an excellent course. I particularly appreciated how well focused the entire day was. It felt, by the end, as if we had just scratched the surface, so… I would think that a (brief) series of sessions to consolidate the skills would be good. I would also think that there should be interest at the corporate “communications” level. So many boring talks…"
“Great one-on-one coaching helped everyone in class regardless of level. The emphasis on mouth and timing/pacing distracted individuals from the nervousness felt when speaking in public. A follow-up in a month or two would be a good motivation for students to practice what was learned.”
“I liked getting the presentation materials ahead of time and being able to prepare ahead of time. As well, having us write a little bit about ourselves was a very nice way to tie in a familiar safety-net (to relax) and have the class get to know each other. Excellent feedback and opportunities to practice.”
“Very well conducted class. Entertaining and energized. I thin a common denominator among the students was dealing with fright and nervousness. Seeing yourself on camera does help to calm those fears. Perhaps some suggestions or anecdotes to relieve tension and nervousness would be helpful. Many great pointers and suggestions, otherwise.”
“Your coaching skills are superb. This should be a two day course...A week apart. So that we could practice then follow up”