Address: 492 West Hastings Street,Vancouver,B.C.

Tel: 604-683-2892

To provide positive and pleasant experiences that enrich the lives of everyone we meet.

The WAVES mission is to partner with individuals and investors who share our ideals and our passion to create neighborhood Coffee Houses recognized for creating positive and pleasant experiences that enrich the lives of everyone we meet.

1, Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

2, Develop trust through honesty, open communication and integrity.

3, Have a passion to be of service to others and to help people.

4, Commit to very high standards and continual improvement.

Our shops are located : Downtown, P.Coquitlam, Commercial Dr, North Vancouver!!!!

History of Coffee

There are many versions of how this extraordinary bean was discovered. According to the most famous and well-known story a goat-herder in Ethiopia name Kaldi noticed his goats dancing wildly after eating the red cherries of a wild shrub. Curious, he tried the cherries himself and was delighted by their stimulating effects. Soon after, it became a religious ceremonial drink to keep monks awake during their long hours of prayer at night!

Fundamentals of Serving Speciality Coffee ? The WAVES COFFEE Way

It’s no secret that a great cup of coffee starts with five obvious basics…freshness, grind, proportion, water, and equipment.

WAVES Organic Coffee- Fair Trade & Sustainability

WAVES COFFEE is a strong proponent of movement towards sustainability as it relates to coffee. The concept of sustainability this: meeting our needs for today without sacrificing the needs of the future. WAVES COFFEE believes sustainable coffee in practical terms must:

1, Preserve the Environment

2, Strive for Quality

3, Show Social Responsibility