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Many places to buy groceries. The different supermarkets offer a different variety of value shopping. It could be meat at one, and vegetables at another. We recommend you don't rely on one. Learn about the food-culture in Vancouver. First of all, check your local supermarket on V.navi.

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Japanese centre KONBINIYA shop Vancouver

1238 Robson Street Vancouver B.C. Canada


11:00 - 26:00

We sell Japanese Snacks Bento etc..


- update at :[2011-12-12 12:58:27]
At KONBINIYA Japan Centre you can buy traditional Japanese food in downtown Vancouver. We have bento boxes, sushi, Glico Pocky or other Japanese snack food and of course other authentic Japanese food including natto, rice and soy sauce.

You can find everything you need to cure your craving for Japanese food or to help you create your favourite Japanese recipes at home. You can buy everything you need to figure out how to make sushi or how to make easy Japanese food.