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Why study at EH Plus?

Our classes are fun and designed to improve your English quickly!
All of our teachers have University degrees, CELTA certificates and years of teaching experience overseas and at the best ESL schools in Vancouver!

You can book your classes online and come in with your friends!
Classes are small. Only 2 to 4 students! This means students get a lot of attention, correction and feedback from the teacher.





All of our conversation classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long and have between 1-4 students and one teacher. We feel we are Vancouver's best conversation club because we help you:

Practice your English in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, have your questions answered by our teachers, and practice speaking with a native speaker and other students.
At the end of each class, you will receive a list of the mistakes you have made, and all the new vocabulary you have learned.
The next time you come in, your teachers will review the last day's notes, help you remove your past mistakes and help you practice the vocabulary you learned last time!

Flexible - Come when you want!

Conversation Club

At Eh Plus, you don't have to pay a registration fee, or come every day. You simply sign up online, and come in only when you want to!
Some students come to Eh Plus once or twice a week, some come every day and some twice a day! Our system allows you to study when you want.
You set your own schedule!

This system is perfect for:

* students who study at other schools
* professionals who live in Vancouver and want to improve their English
* people who have jobs with unpredictable hours
* travellers looking for some help with their speaking skills

Click "Book Now" from our website at for you free trial lesson!

idioMeanings Class

Vocabulary and speaking class. You will learn hundreds of new words, idioms, phrasal verbs and slang terms each month. The class will involve activities such as vocabulary practice activities, dialogues, discussion and games.
Students also have the chance to see all the words they learn with example sentences and videos at

Class Information
The class has a maximum of 8 students.
The class is 1.5 hours long.
Prices start at $12 per hour.
Class is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Book your class now at!!


Create Your Own Program

Need to improve your speaking quickly? Have serious grammar problems? Need specialized vocabulary? Have a test you must pass? Eh Plus will design a program for you!

Eh Plus English specializes in creating custom-designed courses for groups of students who know exactly what they want to study! If you need to improve your English and have a specific need, Eh Plus will create a program just for you! This program is perfect for:


Engineers need different vocabulary than University students. Doctors need Medical vocabulary. Professors need to speak clearly and efficiently. Web-designers need help understanding difficult help files. Artists need to communicate with clients. Hockey players need to argue with referees. If you are a professional and cannot find a specialized course to suit your needs, Eh Plus will design a program specific to your level and needs.


Is your grammar great, but your speaking so-so? Can you speak perfectly but your writing is poor? Eh Plus will examine your strengths and weaknesses, and help you focus on what needs to be fixed. You will never be forced to take a class you don't want, and you can always decide your own schedule!


Do you have a few friends who all need help passing the TOEFL? Are idioms a problem for you and your roommates? Do you love American TV shows but can't understand what's being said? Are you having trouble understanding native speakers at your job? Eh Plus will put together a custom course for you and your friends to study in!



Courses start from only $12 per hour!

How do I start?


1.� Go to

2.� Click on "book online"

3.� Choose the time you want to come in

4.� Fill in your information

5.� Come in for your lesson! That was easy!