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SAY 'BYE-BYE' TO MASCARA!!  Here at FeatherLashes Beauty Lounge, we have the leading eyelash extension technique in Vancouver. 
No more eyelash curler, mascara and false eyelashes!!

After your visit to FeatherLashes Beauty Lounge, you will have instant natural looking, longer, fuller and thicker feather-light eyelashes. 

Semi-permanent eyelash extension has been very popular in Asia for over a decade but it has only been introduced to North America few years ago. All our products are directly imported from Korea, which provides the most cutting-edge technology and products in eyelash extension.

Our FDA certified adhesives are highly non-allergenic. Your eyes will not experience any stinging or discomfort after the service. 

What are you waiting for?

FeatherLashes Beauty Lounge will enhance your true beauty in just a couple of hours! Call to make your appointment TODAY!!

Price List

At FeatherLases, we apply individual feather-light synthetic lashes to your real lashes with FDA certified adhesive. It is a highly skillful and labour intensive service and you will not be disappointed with the result when you walk out the door.

Feather Pricing:

Dove 60 mins (30 lashes per eye) - $65
Crane 80 mins (40 lashes per eye) - $85
Swan 100 mins (60 lashes per eye) - $125
Flamingo 120 mins (80 lashes per eye) - $140
Phoenix 150 mins (100 lashes per eye) - $160

Maintenance Tips for your Lush Lashes

1. Avoid contact with water near eyes for 2-4 hours after the service

2. Absolutely no oil-based eye make-up remover. All the oil base products will weaken the bond with the adhesive.

3. Do not towel dry your eyelashes after daily cleaning. Use tissue to tap dry your lashes and blow dry with cold air below the lashes and comb the lashes straight gently

4. Apply Caoting Sealant that will help extensions last up to 30% longer.

5. When removing eye makeup, use your fingertips with circular motion near the eyes. Try not to rub the roots of the lashes.

6. Apply Tonic Essence every 3-4 days before bed.

7. All hair has its natural life cycle so it normal for lashes to fall out

8. You can continue to refill your lashes for 6 months and take a break for 45 days

9. Avoid facials. steam room and sauna for 2 days after service.

10. You can still use eye cream, makeup, swimming and wear contact lenses.

11. Try not to rub your eyes.

The Art of Lash Extensions

The OLD way: Gluing bundles of synthetic lashes to the eyelid.

This eyelash extension method leaves your lashes looking fuller and longer by attaching bundles of synthetic lashes to the upper eyelid and real lashes. It is a fast and easy eyelash extension method but it does not last long. Because the synthetic lashes are in bundles, once a bundle falls off, it creates a gap in the lashes, leaving them looking depleted. With the lashes attached to the eyelid, you will not only feel uncomfortable but they will also look unnatural. There is also has a higher chance of skin allergy and inflammation.

Because the synthetic lashes are not attached to the real lashes one by one, the weight of the adhesive will cause the lashes to fall. The adhesive can even destroyed the hair follicle and cause permanent lashes loss.

The NEW way: Gluing a synthetic lash to an individual real lash

This eyelash extension method applies synthetic lashes one at a time to individual real lashes. Each synthetic lash is naturally curved to match your own eyelash. They are bonded with a special waterproof and lightweight adhesive that attaches to your lashes comfortably without any discomfort or irritation. You can customize lengths and thicknesses to achieve an individual effect.

Be aware that some eyelash extensions are done by applying lashes one by one but at the end, they will comb the adhesive to the leftover lashes for a thicker fuller look, making it like mascara has been applied. However, instead of looking thicker and fuller, they look stiff and unnatural. And because all lashes are glued together, they will pull in different directions when you blink. It is uncomfortable and heavy due to the extra adhesive and may even cause your real lashes to pull out.