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Kumiko West - Holistic Healing & Counseling

Paris Place, 183 Keefer Place Vancouver, B.C.



A reservation is required.


*:~ Spiritual workshop at anytime and anywhere ~:*

Date: Dec.17th 1:00 - 4:55p.m.

at Paris Place in DT


*:~ Good Relaxation&Healing Seminar ~*:
Jan, 14th on Sunday, 1:00~4:55p.m.

at Paris Place in DT

*:~  "Healing Therapist Course" ~:*

at Paris Place in DT


Details are on my website

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Holistic Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Bodywork Therapy,The Reconnection, Reading, Past Lives/Future Lives Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, etc.

Details are

Please feel free to contact me.