Address: (3min walk from Yaletown skytrain station) Homer st,Vancouver,BC

Tel: 778-321-9422

Aromatherapy Massage

An Aromatherapy Massage is a natural and gentle massage using a mixture of aroma essential oils especially, blended for your bodies condition.
It helps to relax and heal your body and mind. 

 60min $60  →????
 80min $75  →????
100min $90 (Including head massage)  →????

Lympha  Massage

A lympeutic massage is a vigorous rhythmical massage using non essential oils. I recommend this massage for people who have stiffness and swelling.
It is good for detoxification and revitalization.  

 60min $55  →????
 80min $70  →????
100min$85 (Including Head Massage)  →????


Head massage(20min) $15  →????
Aroma blend oil(For Lympha massage) $5 →???