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Ok, all you night-lifers, come here to enjoy the nightlife in Vancouver, the town that never sleeps. Our V.Navi team has the list of nightclub and the casinos for you

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Richmond Karaoke K Fever

Vancouver Karaoke

Union Square,1018-8300 Capstan Way Richmond B.C Canada


2PM-2AM (Mon-Thurs), 1PM-2:30AM (FRI-SUN)



K-fever Karaoke is the only place where you find quality sound system, excellent service, great selection of meals and drinks, and updated Japanese and English songs at a reasonable price.




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Mon-Thurs (excluding Tues) 2:00-7:00pm (5hrs)

= Flat rate $12/person


Mon-Thurs (excluding Tues) 7:00-1:30am (6.5hrs)

=Flat rate $15/person


Fri, Sat, Sun 1:00-7:00pm (6hrs) = Flat rate $15/person


Sun: 7:00-1:30am (6.5hrs)= Flat rate $15/person

(Minimum charge for food and drinks applies)

Please do not bring your outside food or drinks!!!

Thank you for your cooperation.