Address: 1125 W.12th Ave.,Vancouver,B.C.

Tel: 604-742-0234

TENHACHI Serves you Real Japanese Foods!

40yr- experienced Japanese Chef's traditional Japanese foods with Natural & Organic materials. Our fishes are Fresh & Wild obtained from Japan!

+++Material of Food+++

Tenhachi serves you Real Japanese Foods!

We carefully choose our materials to serve you healthy and fresh dishes.


RICE: Do you know Tamaki Gold? It's the famous brand with its great quality. Because we want you to enjoy the taste, we offer a free-refill rice for the Teishoku Combo! We use the rice for Sushi as well. Must taste the difference!

MISO: We use Organic Miso for our soup. Tenhachi's Miso-soup is very healthy with a lot of vegetables!

FISHES: Wild & Fresh from Japan by Air! Please check special fishes for a day. You enjoy grilled, simmered and different kinds of fish dishes!  

GREEN TEA: Try our Natural Green Tea from Shizuoka in Japan! You can enjoy our fragrant and tasty green tea with free refill. ($1.95 per pot)

Japanese food Menu

Sushi Rolls from 3.50

Dynamite Roll, California Roll, Tuna Roll, Negi-tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Vegetarian Roll etc...

Authentic Japanese Dinner from 8.25

Katsu (Breaded deep fried): Chicken, Pork, pork tenderloin, Pork with shiso leaves, Prawn etc...

Chicken Karaage (Bone-less fried Chicken)

Shoga yaki (pork ginger)

Sauteed Pork or Beef with Enoki Mushrooms in ponzu sauce

BBQ Fish Japanese Combo from 15.25

Daily fish served with two kobachi side dishes, pickles, free-refill rice and organic miso soup 

Please check today's special fishes!


We will get your favourite fishes from Japan. Please give us an advanced order to prepare your special dishes.



TENHACHI Restaurant is located on 1st Floor at a B&B Hotel, Shaughnessy Village. Please come into the Hotel.

Parking is available on the 12th Avenue after 6pm (Tue-Sat) or anytime on Sunday.


We have a private party room for 10-12 people. We will prepare special dishes for your party. Please contact us 1-2 weeks in advance at 604-742-0234.