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Choosing a clinic or acupuncture is different. Let's check what these clinics introduce their shop and choose a right clinic.

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Vancouver Cosmetic Acupuncture Massage Therapy

201-1207 Pacific Blvd Vancouver BC Canada

(604) 736-8100


Muscle pain, bone pain (stiffed shoulders,backache,joint pain etc.)
Acute&Chronic Pain
Anxiety / Depression
Dyspepsia Arthritis (Activating internal organs)
Stop Smoking
Pain Management
Losing weight
Menstruation problems etc.
Cosmetic acupuncture (veduce wrinkles)
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They lead you to a room where makes you feel at home with soft lighting. The remarkable part is that you can have not only massages but get some advices for your problems.

We have all professional staff who has not only the qualifications but great skills! Amazing thing is we can tell problems with each part of the body by only touching them! Though the massages cause you some pain, your body will surely feel a lot lighter. You can say "good-bye" to stiffed shoulders!