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Tel: 604-451-8319

In the Metrotown salon (Burnaby) in Vancouver suburbs, there is a kid’s room, so please come to our salon with your child.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!  

About Us

Vancouver Japanese hair salon Misako is a full service, men's and women's salon. Our stylists specialize in providing the latest Japanese hairstyle. To provide the art of Japanese quality and service, we use Japanese salon product lines that are imported directly from Japan. We also hope that our customers enjoy reading many Japanese fashion magazines in our salons. Every stylist has been trained in Japan, so please choose a hairstyle that you like the look of and then tell us.

Hair Care & Menu

Hair Care


After care for your hair perm
:: Don't wash newly permed hair for 48 hours after processing.
:: Use shampoo and conditioner formulated for permed hair (Perm will last longer and less damage)
:: Always use a wide toothed comb and work from the ends up wards.
:: Please dry your hair after wash (right away PLS!)
:: If your perm has lost its bounce, pls do not panic. Mist your hair with water.
:: When styling your hair, pls gently massage and scrunch your hair with hands.
:: Don't wash newly colored hair for 48 hours after processing.
:: Use shampoo and conditional formulated for color hair. (Less damage for your hair and color will last longer).
:: After washing, pls dry your hair right away.
:: Pls do not sleep with your hair wet.
:: No perspiration and chlorine from a swimming pool(Pls wait for least for a week).
:: Use intensive conditioning treatment at least once a week.




Men's Cut$ 30 - Super Straight Perm $ 230 -
Lady's Cut $ 40 - MakeUp$ 45 -
Color$ 70 - Wedding (Hair&MakeUp)$ 130 -
Perm$ 75 - Dressing$ 80 -
Straight Perm$ 100 - ??

Japanese Hair Stylist

Rie : Metrotown

Our Japanese stylists will help you look and feel your very best using the highest level of talent and expertise. We believe we have a responsibility to provide exceptional service and ensure the satisfaction of each and every client. You will enjoy our counseling and receive the care that everyone deserves! You will also enjoy the cozy atmosphere at our new Metrotown location which includes a large kids' play room.