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We know you're beautiful.. . But wanna touch up your beauty? How about a total-beauty-overhaul? V.Navi's selection of Beauty shops will provide you with all the services you need to stay beautiful.. .

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 Balinese Traditional Massage

(Female only) 


 Balinese Oil Massage, which is called “to fulfill the five senses,” is a traditional massage with aroma oil in Bali. The main difference of Balinese Oil Massage from other massage styles is its used of long and short strokes. Therapists use their own weight to stretch the clients’ bodies. Essences of Lymphatic massage, stretch, and hand pressing massage draw out people’s natural healing power and strengthen immunity.


 70 Min.          $ 85 



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Basic Care ..... $15
Care & Polish color ..... $25
Calgel ..... $50~
French or Gradation ..... +$5
Nail art ..... $3~

Pedicure .....$35~


 Relaxation oil massage

Face care
Basic ... 50min $45
Anti-aging ... 80min $70
Facial & Scalp care
Basic ... 100min $90
Anti-aging ...130min $115
Total care
season's facial, scalp massage, Reflexology ... 170min $150




Neck & Shoulders ..... 15 min $20
Neck to Lower back ..... 30 min $35
Neck to Feet ..... 45 min $50
General whole body ..... 60 min $65

Add. 10min.$10


Gift ceritificate is available

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Calgel is a superior gel nail system that promotes nail health, making it the healthier alternative in nailcare. 

Relaxation oil massage

Our facial treatment uses organic oil applied

by a relaxing facial hand massage.

Please enjoy our massage, and relax from the stresses of your day!

What is Shiatsu therapy ?  

  Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese.  We press your pressure points with fingers and hands.It’s increasing your natural healing ability and can be a great preventive medicine.If you are tired with stiffness, please try shiatsu