Address: Union Square,1018-8300 Capstan Way,Richmond,BC

Tel: 604-821-1278





Mon-Thurs 2:00-7:00pm (5hrs)= Flat rate $12/person


Mon-Thurs 7:00-1:30am (6.5hrs =Flat rate $15/person


Fri, Sat, Sun 1:00-7:00pm (6hrs) = Flat rate $15/person


Sun: 7:00-1:30am (6.5hrs)= Flat rate $15/person


(Minimum charge applies)


k-fever is also famous for its large selection of 5 different languages songs such as; English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.



We have the full equipement of what you need in karaoke place; the touch screen based, original music videos,also give a birthday surprise message to your friend on screen.


       分からない場合はいつでもお電話下さい。(604) 821-1278 !!


Room for 1-3 people: $20 per hour

Room for 4-6 people: $30 per hour

Room for 6-8 people: $40 per hour

Room for 9-12 people: $50 per hour

Room for 12-20 people: $65 per hour