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Global ~ Improving over millions of lives in over 60 countries on six continents. 

Personalized ~ Focusing on each customer's unique needs and providing the personal attention to help achieve their goals.

Inoovative ~ Developing the best weight management, targeted nutrition, energy & fitness and persnoal care/outer nutrition products, backed by world-renowned doctors and scientists.

Opportunity ~ Offering anyone, anywhere, a proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams, goals and ambitions.

How does Cellular Nutrition Work???

The concept of Cellular Nutrition is SIMPLE!!!  All of Herbalife's products are scientifically formulated to support healthy "villi." These tiny, finger-like structures along the wall of your inestine are essentially "gatekeepers," helping your body absorb more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while protecting you from toxins.  The healthier your villi, the more efficiently you can absorb the nourishment your cells need - and the healthier you'll be.

"Becasue cells provide the power for everything you do -  from thinking to growing.  Simply put, you cannot be healthy unless your cells are healthy!!"

Weight Management

Start your day the right way!!

Tried to lose weight before and failed?  Herbalife's science-based ShapeWorks Program combines Cellular Nutrition and the power of protein so you can manage your hunger, maintain a healhty metabolism and feel energized as you lose those unwanted pounds.  It is as simple as 3 easy steps: 3 tablets - 2 shakes - 1 colourful meal!!  It provides you the protein, balanced nutrition, and essential nutrients.  In addition, you will NOT feel hungry!!!  THe program comes in different convenience packs to meet your needs and incorporates essential enhancers to help you overcome any dieting challenge. For more Info, visit


Or, contact your Herbalife Independent Distributor for more details about the program and products.  Sign up FREE at or call 1-866-352-0394 to receive FREE Wellness Evalutaion.

Targeted & Outer Nutrition

Different Prodcuts to meet individual needs.  Herbalife's Targeted and Outer Nutrition products build on the foundation of ShapeWorks products and Cellualr Nutrition.  Whether you're suffering from a lack of energy, poor digestion, joint discomfort or male/female complaints, our Targeted & Outer Nutrition Products provide the nutrients and botanical support you need to enjoy good health for a lifetime.

Immune Solutions


Poor diet, too little sleep, exposure to pollution and other stresses can all undermine immunity, leaving you susceptible to colds, flu and allergies.  Our Immune Solutions product helps support your body's natural defenses to protect good health all year long.  See "RoseOX" & "Mega Garlic Plus" at

Digestive Health

Problems like heartburn, indigestion and constipation can flare up at anytime, undermining your overall well-being.  Herbalife's Digestive Health products support healhty digestion and elimination, so your internal system can run smoothly every day. See "Herbal Aloe Drink", "Florafibre", & "Probiotic Complex" at

Heart Health

With heart disease the leading cause of death for men and women in Canada today, no one can afford to ignore it.  Studies show that the right nutritional support, coupled with weight control and exercise, can dramatically reduce your risk of heart concerns.  See "Niteworks", "Herbalifeline", "Tri-Shield" & "Mega Garlic Plus" at

Energy & Fitness

Your body is running on empty.  You try to get enough sleep, but even that doesn't always help.  You need a natural energy solution, something that will help you get the job done.  That's where Herbalife's Energy & Fitness products can help.  These herbal-energy products give you the energy you need to work hard-and play hard too!  See "LiftOff" & "Brazilian Tea" at

Women's Solution

The demands of work and family, as well as homonal changes, can compromise a woman's health and well-being.  Herbalife's Women's Solutions products include herbs and nutrients to help you find your natural balance and enjoy glowing health at every age.  See "Nutri-9" & "Dong Quai" at

Men's Solution

The stress of modern life and the aging process can undermine a man's potential for work and play.  THese products target key male concerns like lack of stamina, giving you the nutritional support youneed to get the most out of life.  See "Factor 1000" at

Healthy Aging

As the years pass, getting the nutrition your body needs to support good health becomes mroe challenging.  These products target the health of the joints and eyes, supplying essential nutrients to help keep you in great shape no matter what your age.

Outer Nutrition

When it comes to maintaining good health, taking care of the outside of your body is just as important as taking care of the inside.  Skin and hair require nourishment and protection through basic daily care.  As you get older, you may want to add targeted personal care products that can help with signs of aging, including increased dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.  Whatever your lifestage or needs, Herbalife's Outer Nutrition proucts can be combined into a personalized care system that's right for you: Anti Aging * Skin Essentials * Skin Revitalizers * Hair Essentials * Body Essentials * Fragrances *

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