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Vancouver ATC Alaya International Training Center

626 W.Pender Street-Suite 720 Vancouver B.C Canada




ATC - Alaya International     Training Centre
9:00am - 12:00 noon
Grammar, Reading, Listening, Vocab


Diploma Program

Next starting date: Jan 7, 2008

*Study in a supportive atmosphere
*Learn to teach all 4 English skills
*100-hour standard course

8 weeks x Mon-Thu (1:00-4:10pm)
Tuition Fee: $995
Registration Fee: $100
Material Fee: $100
For more information, check our website at or come and visit us Monday to Friday at 12:00 noon or e-mail us at or phone us at 604-685-3454


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ATC is a specialized English language arts school situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada. ATC offers international students, immigrants, and visitors to Canada intensive English language instruction. ATC's speciality is its TOEIC Certificate Program (English for International Communication) and its TESOL (Teacher Training) Diploma Program. ATC also offers a variety of creative workshops as well as long-term programs in collaboration with its partner organizations. ATC is registered with the Government of Canada and is authorized by ETS to conduct the Official TOEIC Test for its students. ATC's students can receive their Official TOEIC Certificate and Score Report from TOEIC Services Canada Inc.